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I just wanted to share my interview from as part of the #meetaglipher project!  I share my recipes on glipho as well as my blog.  It was a fun experience and I'm glad I was asked to be a part of it!

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#meetaglipher... Emily B. (@EmilyCanBake)

This week's Meet a Glipher is an inspirational food blogger, Emily B. She's blogging her journey of learning how to cook better and better and her recipes are seriously delicious. Enjoy her interview below!

1. Your food looks amazing. What made you decide to start a food blog?

I used to make everything from a box or only follow the most basic recipes with only a few exceptions, like things I grew up making. Eventually I got sick of making bland frozen meals for dinner and started branching out. My breakthrough was when I first made BBQ chicken in the Crockpot. That's when I realized I could actually make something awesome!

2. What tips would you give someone just starting to cook?

Pick a recipe and just follow the steps. If you like how it turns out, try it again, and change out a few spices or toss in some seasoning to change it up. You'll start to learn the flavors you enjoy and as you make more dishes it will all connect!

3. What are your top 3 favourite dishes?

Now that's a tough call, but if I had to choose I would go with Salmon with Honey Soy Sauce, Pan-seared Oven-Baked Steak, and Crockpot BBQ chicken. I'm drooling just thinking about them!

4. If you had your own cooking show, what format would it take?

I would definitely set up an instructional cooking show, teaching viewers how easy cooking can be! I've really learned again and again with every new recipe that it isn't as difficult as I expected, and want everyone else who is stuck in a cooking rut to discover that, too.

5. What's the weirdest or most exotic thing you've ever eaten?

I've tried some different foods, but the weirdest thing I've ever consumed is some seriously southern cornbread with chitlins (pig intestines) cooked in. At the time I didn't know what it was! I'm not so sure I'll make that recipe on my own!

6. When you're not cooking, what do you do for fun?

Cooking is my stress reliever, but I love traveling and exploring new places. Visiting different lighthouses has become one of my favorite weekend activities!

7. You said you Pinterest a lot of recipes. What are some of your favourites?

Pinterest really sparked my interest in crockpot dishes and continually gives me new ideas. I scroll through recipes and just come up with new ideas as I go. There are so many cool suggestions and recipes I've picked up from Pinterest! Another one of my favorite recipes (Chicken with JalapeƱo Onion Gravy) was found initially through Pinterest and I just adjusted it to my liking! That's half the fun of cooking, taking a recipe and making it my own.

8. Any favourite Gliphers or Glipho features?

I love the ability to promote posts right within Glipho. Just a few clicks and my recipe is shared on Twitter and Pinterest! I'm a big fan of all the different Gliphers, but I really enjoy seeing other recipes from food bloggers like twist-and-sprinkle and I love all the cooking facts toasttofood has to offer!

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