Zuchhini Pasta

I've had my heart tied up in noodles for years.  It may have been love at first bite.  For as long as I can recall, spaghetti has been one of my true loves.  I made Homemade Pasta for the first time recently, and it came out stupendous.  Fresh is always the way to go.  But how about veggie noodles?  They are obviously a healthier alternative to flour pasta, completely lacking all the wheat and gluten and require no pasta machine.  Plus, they are quite popular at the moment and I'd hate to miss out on something awesome just because of a lack of trying.  After I grabbed a few Zuchinni at the vegetable market, this pasta fiend got her peeler ready for action to put these noodles to the test.

This process was as simple as peeling potatoes.  I used a peeler to remove the outer layer of the zuchhini (not necessary but I did it for visual consistency), then just kept on peeling until I hit the seeds in the middle.  I then tossed the peels into a large skillet with some olive oil and garlic.

I've heard of a few different ways to soften the zucchini.  One was to salt then and let them sit in a colander, while other boiled them.  I decided to cook them the same way I do peppers and onions - in a skillet.  I did add some salt, but also cooked them with garlic and some olive oil.  The zucchini became soft on medium heat after just about 5 minutes.

I threw my own sauce together as I've been on a bit of an Asian foods kick recently (Shrimp Pad Thai, anyone?), but I'm leaving that out of this post for two reasons.  The first is that this is simply about the zuchhini pasta itself and it can be used with any type of sauce.  Secondly, the sauce was a mishmash of ingredients and quite frankly, I wasn't the biggest fan.  Though I tend to chronicle most of what I cook, the sauce was but a last minute way to have an easy sauce prepped.

Now for the meat of the matter (yes, I went there)...the noodles!  For a pile of veggies on a plate, these did a good job of matching up to pasta.  I'm not going to even try and deceive you into thinking these taste just like my good ol' buddy flour pasta, but they are for certain worth a try.  There are some advantages to these. They take less time than most dried flour pastas (except angel hair, of course), and aren't carb-loaded.  If you are trying to eat healthy, zucchini noodles definitely make dinner easy.  Though I am partial to spaghetti squash, these took such a short amount of time to cook that  they make a good competitor.  Peeling them required only a dash of patience, and with new tools like those vegetable peelers made specifically for this purpose, the process can be made even easier.  The zucchini went great with my quickly-tossed-together sauce, as the sauce flavors overpowered the vegetable ones.  The consistency was soft and noodle-like, and I was truly satisfied with the result.

Zucchini Pasta Recipe


3 medium zuchhini
1-2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon minced garlic


Use a vegetable peeler to peel outer layer of skin from the zucchini if desired. Saute the zucchini for 5-7 minutes in a large skillet on medium heat until the noodles have softened.  Serve with desired sauce.

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